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Countdown to Black Friday: Only  days left for Congress to pass e-Fairness before the 2014 holiday shopping season
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  • Tell Congress: 2014 Is The Year For e-Fairness! — This is the year to pass e-Fairness. We made it through the Senate last year, but we need to pull out all the stops to make sure we get legislation through the House.
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    Arthur Laffer: Marketplace Fairness Act merits app

    Current sales tax law, established well before the meteoric rise of e-commerce, actually disincentivizes consumers to patronize local retailers, instead using local businesses as showrooms for purchases that they ultimately make online, mistakenly believing their purchases are tax-free.

    E-fairness solutions make online sales tax collect

    If you’re like me, you did a fair amount of your holiday shopping last year online. Online retailers are a tech-savvy bunch. They seem to know what we want, when we want it—and how to get it to us as quickly as possible. But a few of the same companies that have figured out how to micro-target our shopping habits and ship us products of all shapes and sizes from around the country are now claiming that collecting sales tax is too hard.

    It is about fairness-tax Internet sales

    Bill Bach, who with his wife Kathy owns the venerable Alt n' Bach's bar next to American TV, told me a story that underscores why it's time Wisconsin enacted a sales tax on online sales.

    E-fairness still needed to spur economic growth

    More than seven months have passed since my colleague, Donna Arduin, and I released our comprehensive study, “Pro-growth Tax Reform and E-fairness.” In that time, Congress has slowly made progress on a solution to close the loophole that enables out-of-state, online retailers to avoid sales tax collection requirements that local retailers must follow.

    Kintner supports ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’

    Pending before the United States Congress is a legislative proposal that would authorize the states to collect sales tax from online transactions that occur with “remote” sellers – or businesses that do not have a location in the state. The federal bill passed the United States Senate last fall. Both Sen. s Johanns and Fischer voted for this bill. The bill is now pending in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

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