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The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is a coalition dedicated to ensuring sales tax laws treat all businesses equally.

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    The GOPs Internal Battle Over Online Sales Taxes

    More fundamentally, though, there is no reason why a state that broadens its tax base by including online sales couldn’t offset that choice by lowering its sales tax rate (or by cutting other taxes). Presumably, that’s exactly what conservative lawmakers in many states would choose to do. Thus, notwithstanding the NTU’s hysterical claims, consumers as a group would not necessarily have to pay another dime in taxes.

    Marketplace Fairness: An Idea Thats Time Has Come

    Alibaba is now doing business in the United States and taking full advantage of the outdated sales tax loophole. Unlike America’s Main Street wholesaler-distributors and retailers, Alibaba doesn’t have to collect sales taxes here.

    No More Stalling on Marketplace Fairness

    It has been widely reported that U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has promised that the Marketplace Fairness Act will not surface in 2014. Congress’ failure to act on this important measure is a huge setback for Arkansas’ businesses, for our retail and commercial industries, and is another blow by Washington to Arkansas’ economy.

    It’s time to modernize rules on e-commerce

    The explosion of Internet commerce is a classic example of technology moving faster than government’s ability to regulate it for the common good. Allowing a fringe group of federal legislators to slow that process further only makes matters worse.

    As Inslee says in a letter urging the Washington state congressional delegation to pass MITFA, the bill is a long over-due policy change to modernize rules on e-commerce. And return fairness to the retail marketplace.

    The Main Street Fairness Act isn’t about Amazon

    Everyone seems to think that online sales tax collection is about large online companies, like Amazon, trying to crush small online businesses.

    My experience as a small business owner has been exactly the opposite. State efforts at online sales tax collection have made it much, much easier to run my small business.

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