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Make Your Voice Heard!

Tell policymakers how unfair competition from online-only retailers is hurting your community.

Sign our Letter to Speaker Boehner Today!

We need your help again. Sign our letter urging Speaker Boehner to implement e-fairness now.

Tell Congress to pass E-fairness!

Our E-fairness champions in the U.S. Senate recently introduced the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act. This legislation combines E-fairness legislation that overwhelmingly passed the U.S. Senate last year, and legislation to keep access to the Internet tax free which enjoys overwhelming support in the U.S. House.

Tell Congress it's time to pass E-fairness!

Tell Congress: Don't Drop the Ball in 2014

2013 brought a lot of progress in the fight for e-fairness. A Senate vote passed the Marketplace Fairness Act. Representative Goodlatte released a set of principles to guide House legislation. The Supreme Court has made it clear that the onus is on Congress to resolve this issue once and for all. Now, Representative Goodlatte has announced his plans to hold a hearing on the issue sometime in the first half of 2014.

Remind your Representative that small-business owners have already waited too long. They must level the playing field in 2014!

Tell the House to Pass the Marketplace Fairness Act

The Senate has already passed the Marketplace Fairness Act by a broad, bipartisan vote of 69 – 27.  Now, it’s up to the House of Representatives to pass this much-needed legislation so all businesses—no matter how large or small or where they operate—can compete on a level playing field.

Tell your Representative to vote YES on the Marketplace Fairness Act and close the online sales tax loophole for good.