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About the Alliance for Main Street Fairness

The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is a coalition of business owners and concerned citizens who want to bring sales tax laws up-to-date and level the playing field so all businesses can compete fairly.

Current law dates from an era before people shopped online. A loophole in this law allows online-only retailers to avoid collecting sales taxes at the point of sale, unlike brick-and-mortar retailers. This gives online-only retailers an unfair advantage over their Main Street competitors, which costs local communities jobs and tax revenue and creates significant unfairness in the marketplace for businesses and consumers alike.

A wide variety of local businesses—from florists and independent bookstores to electronics stores and art galleries—have banded together as the Alliance for Main Street Fairness in order to close this sales tax loophole at both the state and national levels.

We believe in a true free market, and that Internet retailers should play by the same sales tax rules as local retailers in our communities. Government policy should not favor one class of companies over another.

We are not advocating for a new tax. Instead, we are advocating for states to be able to enforce their current sales tax laws on every business selling in their state. Whether a business is located on Main Street or online, it shouldn’t be exempt from collecting and remitting sales taxes.

 Donnie Eatherly, owner of P&E Distributors in Tennessee, thanks Senators Dick Durbin and Mike Enzi for cosponsoring the Marketplace Fairness Act at the Alliance for Main Street Fairness Fly-In.    Max Blake, owner of the Sport Shop of Benton Inc. in Benton, Arkansas, looks on as Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) addresses the group at the Alliance for Main Street Fairness Fly-In.  Congressman Womack and Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-12), also pictured here, introduced the Marketplace Equity Act to close the online sales tax loophole