Swipe Fees

Visa, MasterCard and giant banks collect billions of dollars every year from small businesses in swipe fees. Before there was debit swipe fee reform these fees were skyrocketing and small businesses were forced to pay even more than big businesses on every transaction. These fees undermine small businesses trying to grow and serve their community.

Swipe fee reform brought fairness and competition to debit cards, easing some of the burden on small businesses. Thanks to key reforms, card brands must now compete with other networks for merchant business. This competition helps control these previously out of control fees.

We know that small businesses are better off because of swipe fee reform and it is critically important that they are protected from threats from banks and card networks eager to collect even more fees. The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is committed to ensuring that small businesses are not put at a disadvantaged when it comes to swipe fees and are able to continue to get the lowest rate possible.

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