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Michigan retailers are hurting.  Unfair competition from online-only businesses is jeopardizing local businesses, Michigan jobs, and economic recovery.  The Michigan Legislature is currently considering the Main Street Fairness Act, which would protect local businesses, Michigan consumers, and the state’s economy by requiring online-only retailers to collect the state’s sales tax.   

A sale is a sale, no matter where it takes place and all businesses should be treated equally.  Michigan needs Main Street fairness!

Federal Alerts

Tell your member of Congress to make e-Fairness a priority
Speaker Ryan should know e-Fairness should be included in this years budget deal.

Michigan News

Mich Bill Would Expand Online Sales Tax

Representatives Eileen Kowall of White Lake and Rob VerHeulen of Grandville introduced the Main Street Fairness Act Wednesday. The bill would require online retailers with ties to Michigan to collect the standard 6% sales tax.

Time to Act on Main Street Fairness Legislation

Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) commended legislators for today's introduction of the Main Street Fairness Act and said the time is right for swift action. "Michigan's retail industry continues to face an unlevel playing field that acts as a drag on our state's economic recovery," said MRA President and CEO James P. Hallan.

Internet Sales Unfair to Local Independent Retail

Michigan Retailers are Hurting. Plain and simple. The struggle to compete with online and catalog businesses creates an unfair advantage that is jeopardizing local businesses, Michigan jobs, and our state's economic recovery.

Michigan lags in pushing online retail sales taxes

With Internet shopping sales continuing to rise each year, Michigan lags other states that have taken aggressive action to compel online retailers to charge state sales taxes, according to a new report funded by an industry trade group.

Despite Amazon.com opposition, some states moving

Supporters of legislation to require Internet retailers to collect Michigan’s 6% sales tax said today that states around the country are moving quickly on similar initiatives despite opposition from online selling giant Amazon.com.

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